When the writers of Star Trek Next Generation penned an android and decided to christian him Data, this was a perfect representation of  his  magical ability to compute insanely fast. However, I bet the “creators” did not know how the word Data would be so synonymous with the Future.

Deeper understanding of Metaweb is a perfect example of how important “Data” is to today’s companies.

It would seem that those “IT guys” who we would traditionally rely on for support or ordering equipment are the future partners to work with to ensure your company stays relevant.

Data - The Now Generation

A sign of the times for me is when I review CVs for marketing opportunities in my team and realise that “today’s” marketing personnel have largely irrelevant skill sets for my data driven “agile”, analytical and metric driven digital marketing requirements. Scary to think you could be ~40 with 20+ years marketing experience and be irrelevant in skill sets.

Time to learn from my team.



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