I type my first words in a space where I plan to pontificate on what decisions and directions I should be taking in daily occupational challenges.

As all our lives are entwined within a trade off between “like work”,”have to work”, “work to escape”; I plan to be honest in my thoughts and reasonings.

At this juncture social media is booming and has no manuals. I am introducing (B2C) CRM into a company that is traditionally B2B focused. We want to transform our marketing organisation to be digital where today’s daily topics are focused on TVCs and whether the creative works in print. Plus, I want to develop our website in radical ways and quickly. All within an environment that is focused on reducing IT cost.

Nobody said this was going to be easy which is of course part of the appeal. Who enjoys working when it is predictable, 100% scientific and without new frontiers?

Always the road less traveled for me.



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